Villa Simply Paradise
Fully Staffed Luxury Villa

Special Events



The staff at Villa Simply Paradise will try to make every vacation stay as "special" as possible. In addition to the regular activities that have been described in the "Tours" section, there are other events that guests may choose to make their vacations just what the doctor ordered!



With several week's notice, our staff can arrange for the fiesta to come to you. We can arrange for a Dominican band or a DJ and dance instructors to come to the villa to serenade your group and teach you the latest Salsa and Meringue steps. You don't have to worry about transportation, just party the night away, poolside. This is great for large groups and family reunions.



Like to eat? Let the staff coordinate a barbecue unlike those at home. A whole pig and all the trimmings can be set up for your group around the pool. If you are intersted, we can even have the whole pig roasted on the property. Another favorite is a special "celebration chicken" that can be brought to the villa. It is outstanding, nothing like you have had stateside. For those groups who like to work off the calories after dinner, pair this with the Salsa Band or DJ dance party above for an afternoon and night to remember.

Spa Day


How about the luxury spa treatment at your own poolside? Our staff can arrange for professional pedicure, manicure and hair braiding at the villa. We can bring in a professional masseuse to turn those tight muscles into melted butter.

Massages run about $30 per hour. The manicures and pedicures are about $20 each. Hair braiding depends on the complexity of the design and will run from $20 to $45.


Now, this one takes some advanced planning. But, for those looking for a romantic site for a ceremony, we can arrange to have a local judge do the honors. Cakes and flowers are no problems. Make sure that you give us plenty of time to help you file all the legal documents that are required.

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